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This site is developed to help you think about how it might be to spend your life's work in a career you are considering.  The Internet is a great place to begin exploring career opportunities. You will find a nearly limitless resource at your fingers. Happy clicking.

Bridges Site
CX Online is an online resource for career/life planning. 
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password:  lumberms

TCR Connections Site:
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Go to the Life Skills section and surf through the following areas:

  • Career Planning
  • College Planning
Career Choices
A Career Planning Quiz
Interest Finder Quiz
Personality Quiz


Military Career Guide

Armed Forces

Resume Writing

Dress For Success

Interview Techniques

Job Skills

Places to Learn

Finaid: The Financial Aid Information

Student Center

Funding Your Education

FAFSA Express-Financial Aid

Tax Benefits for Higher Education

Hope Scholarship or Lifetime Learning Scholarship-Federal Tax Credits

Occupational Handbook